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Icommenter Introduction

Icommenter is an app for Midrub which allows to auto reply to the received Instagram comments and moderate the received Instagram comments. You could connect all your business Instagram accounts and auto reply automatically in all of them. 

How to auto reply to the received with the Icommenter?

  • First you have to connect your Instagram accounts.
  • Select the categories for each account(the categories can be created in the comments replies page).
  • Create your comments replies(keywords are a group of words which should be in a comment to send an automatic reply).
  • Select the categories in the comments replies which you have selected even for your Instagram accounts(the categories allow to group the comments replies by accounts).
  • Last step is to Connect your Instagram account to the Icommenter's bot(with a click).
  • After this, the Icommenter's will process all received comments.

When someone comments your Instagram photos or videos, the Icommenter verifies if the comment contains the words which your have as condition in the created quick replies. If you have several comments replies which meets the words in the received comment, will be selected only the comments reply with the highest accuracy. 

Each replied comment is saved in the History page and can be seen in the Comments Replies pages. The comments authors are saved as subscribers and you can monitor them, by seeing their comments.

If someone uses an email or phone number in a comment, both email and phone number will be saved in a separate list. You will see notifications in the main page of the app every time when you have new emails and phone numbers. Both emails and phone numbers can be exported in a CSV file.

The comments replies can be imported from a CSV file. With a click you can download all comments replies in a CSV file.

In the Audit Logs page you can see the most popular comments replies ordered by popularity. You could see there the most used comments replies and you can filter them by Instagram Accounts. In addition, in the same page you could see the bot's activity for comments replies from the last 30 days.

How to auto moderate the received comments?

  • First you have to connect your Instagram accounts.
  • Click on the Moderate Comments menu item.
  • Create the keywords groups which will be used as condition for comments moderation.
  • You can select even the accuracy.
  • The keywords can be imported/exported in a CSV file.
  • Last step is to Connect your Instagram account to the Icommenter's bot(with a click).
  • The comments will be hidden every time when some comments and his comments contains the words present in a moderation keywords collection. The comments will be visible only to the comments author.

In the moderation keywords page you could see how works the bot. You will see all hidden comments.

This app has SAAS support. It can be restricted by plan and you can add a limit for comments replies by plan. When someone deletes an Instagram account everywhere in the system, all account's records(even the subscribers), will be deleted too.

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