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Important to know about the Threads Creator for Twitter App

Here is a list with rules which you need to know about the Threads Creator for Twitter App:

  • You have in administrator -> User -> Plans -> Any Plan -> Twitter Threads -> Threads Limit option where you have to enter the number of threads which a user could publish per month.
  • A thread could have up to 25 tweets(the time delay for posting is 1 second). 
  • In a tweet you could select one gif, one video or 4 photos.
  • The created threads if have the Draft or Scheduled status could edited/deleted. You can change the scheduling time only for a Draft. A Draft when is published/scheduled don't has more the Draft status.
  • You can restrict by plan the number of the connected Twitter accounts. But you can't control the number of the selected accounts in a thread. 
  • If a tweet isn't published from a thread, the error will be saved and user will receive an error popup with the tweet's error. 
  • If a scheduled thread isn't published, the user will see the error even in the history page(for example plan's rate reach).

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