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Lists Introduction

Lists is an app for Midrub which is provided together with the Posts app. This app is only a small idea until i will release the Email app which from now will be my main goal to release.

Lists is a small idea. I've thought about the Gmail network integrated in Midrub and got an idea to allow posting even on emails.

How the Lists app works?

  • First of all you have to go to the Lists app.
  • Enter there your emails list(the number of emails is limited by plan). The number of lists is based on the accounts limit per network added by you in each plan. 
  • Once imported the email list, click on the Next Step button.
  • There enter the list's name.
  • Enter the list's subject used as email's subject.
  • Each plan will have a delay entered by administrator. For example you're allowing 1000 emails in a list. You're adding 5 seconds delay. 5 * 1000 emails = 5000 seconds to send emails to a list. The delay will be used only if the lists are scheduled.
  • Enter content before email content. For example will be supported even RSS, SmartRepost, Planner, etc. to send email to the selected lists. You can add automatic content like a logo or custom html.
  • Enter content after email. You can use even html. 
  • Select a connected Gmail account. All emails will be send from that Gmail's email and by using the Gmail api with the generated access token.
  • Save the list.
  • Now the lists can be selected in all Midrub's apps for posting/emails sending.

This app can be used as newsletter. It has even history with details about how were sent the emails. 

You can edit the lists anytime. But if you're deleting the selected Gmail's account, the list will be deleted automatically. 

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