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set_gateway - register your payments gateway in the list

If you want to add your payment gateway in Midrub, you need to know about the method set_gateway. 

The method set_gateway has an essential role in Midrub Payments and it registers a gateway in the payments gateways list. Once called the method set_gateway from your gateway, it will be available in Midrub -> Administrator -> Settings -> Gateways and wherever where is requested.

How should be used the method set_gateway?

  •  In the Payments Gateway class you have the method load_hooks (see here
  • The method load_hooks works in same way like work in the Midrub Apps or Components but it is called only when we need it because a Payments Gateway shouldn't add features in Components or Apps. And to the save resources it isn't called when we don't need it.
  • Inside the method load_hooks you have to call the set_gateway function. You can use even the parameter $categories to call the set_gateway function only when you need.

This are the parameters of the set_gateway function:

        'gateway_name' => $CI->lang->line('baintree'),
        'gateway_icon' => '',
        'gateway_color' => '#202020',
        'fields' => array (

            array (
                'type' => 'checkbox_input',
                'slug' => 'baintree',
                'label' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_enable'),
                'label_description' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_enable_description')
            ), array (
                'type' => 'text_input',
                'slug' => 'baintree_merchant_id',
                'label' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_merchant_id'),
                'label_description' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_merchant_id_description')
            ), array (
                'type' => 'text_input',
                'slug' => 'baintree_public_key',
                'label' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_public_key'),
                'label_description' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_public_key_description')
            ), array (
                'type' => 'text_input',
                'slug' => 'baintree_private_key',
                'label' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_private_key'),
                'label_description' => $CI->lang->line('baintree_private_key_description')



Let's see for what is used each parameter:

  • baintree - gateway slug, should be the gateway directory's name to avoid confusion.
  • gateway_name - you can add your name and even translate it. It will be displayed to admin and user.
  • gateway_icon - optional but could be requested in a user's app.
  • gateway_color - used to make different the gateway in the list.
  • fields - contains all fields in the admin's panel and in the example below you can see a real example of it's use(slug is the most important and it is saved in the table options).

The fields at this moment supports only two types: text_input and check_box input.

You can see how this works in the video below:

Please remember, all options like recurring, remember and any other won't be added here. In other articles i will provide details about where to use the options and how.

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