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Midrub Final

A year ago i was interested to abandon Midrub because i've got much more experience and rewriting of the code was a crazy work. I've even started to create a new platform, registered a domain will use it in several years for a next project). But in september 2018 i've learned a new strategy and i've decided to divide all Midrub's features step by step in standalone components.

The rewriting of Midrub was anyway a big problem due to excessive code. But i've worked every day because i was sure in it's potential. I need a platform like Midrub to save my time in developing new complex platforms. I need a stable base and Midrub is almost ideal now. 

If you think i've spent too much time you are wrong. We don't have a platform for business for which i could create features. If was, i was interested to start to develop features for it. Maybe you will say Wordpress, Magento or other CMS. But them are basic, you can't even imagine how them are basic and how much time is required for example to add a Team's feature or Plans. Maybe you will say you know a good script which supports plugins, but the problem is again in basic features. I can write a book about only essential features in a business. If you look only at Hootsuite, it is very big and has tons of features. Anyway i'm talking about an universal platform for any purpose. Therefore i had no choice, i had to invest in Midrub and gain experience. I didn't had good inspiration in the previous years because my ideas like yours, are based on gained experienced/knowledge. With a ready platform for business, i will be able to develop very advanced apps and each new app will be more professional. 

In July 2019 i was interested to add a new Notification component in admin/user to make Midrub a real helper for users to see immediately what are they doing wrong and a real helper for administrators to send offers.

But there was a problem. To make the Notification component in Admin with features for backend, user's dashboard and frontend i need to have a single core for all of sections. 

A single core was important not only for Notifications, but even for themes, menu, hooks, general functions, cron jobs, api(this and hooks was the main reason) and to have 100% control of sections.

I had already a Core, created in may 2019, prepared to integrate inside the user's section and api. For this reason i've decided to move the user's dashboard full in the new core. 

But first of all, i've developed in July a new documentation( ) and i had to add urgently the classification feature in the Midrub -> Admin -> Frontend. The classification feature is very advanced and i'm going even to add pagination in the search for parents input. In 4 days i've developed the new Classifications feature but after i've spent another 2 days to order them correctly. Now i have 100 % control of their order and without problems i will be able to provide a stable work forever for Classifications. Classifications could be tags, categories, etc.

After Classifications i've started to move the Admin's Plans and Networks in new Admin's User Panel(which you can see in Midrub -> Admin -> User). This was a hard work, i've spend more than a week to rewrite the posting classes and integrate in the new core(to make them more compact, available to be called from any Midrub's component or app). The rewritting was important even because i've created the file default_networks_lang.php in application/language. The file contains all error messages and instructions for networks. This change was very important because i'm using the networks in more apps.

After Networks i've created the Components and Apps pages in Midrub -> Admin -> User. For this change i've moved the Midrub's Apps in the new core(the code is almost the same, just changed the hooks and function to display the html content). And another important change was to turn the user's pages in Midrub's Components. Why this is very important? I'm going to release premium apps in near future and i will develop sometimes new kind of components(for example a new Settings component or a new Plans component). I've even written the documentation how you can create yours components. This will allow to have an original Midrub in a short time.

After Components and Apps i've added Themes support for user. A year ago i've wanted to turn Midrub in any kind of website. And with themes i can make really new look. With new components i can make Midrub to look much more professionally. I'm sure i will improve a lot my skills and with new premium Apps, Midrub will create concurrency to the big companies.  

Also, i've added Menu Support for User's Dashboard. You will decide the order of Items in  the Menu.

Another important change was the Team's Component. It was essential for Midrub and it was one of the main reasons why i've moved urgently the User's Section in the new Midrub's Core. Now you and me, will be able to create professional features in Midrub with Teams support. User will decide per role what kind of features will have it's team. 

Notifications component was developed too. It is ready for my initial idea from July, just the core missing for notifications/alerts registration and popup displaying. 

Also i've turned the Faq and Tickets Pages from the User's panel in a new Admin's Component called Support. It has even a new look, more professionally. 

A year ago i've decided to remove the Emails page, Tools page and Bots page from Midrub because i've developed them at the begin and i can create now more professional similar features. Finally i've decided to turn them in Midrub Apps and provide you the link to Google Drive for download. 

In these  months i've worked even on the iOS version for Midrub, i've connected it to the Midrub's Api, created design and i'm almost ready to release it and start to develop an advanced Email App which will be provided as bonus and will have anything you need to provide services like the big companies. 

From August i've written even about 200 articles here for Midrub and created more than 100 videos. 

As you understand, the new update it's very complex and it requires a lot of attention to avoid errors. 

As soon will be released, missing feature for user will be a more advanced payment system with universal scopes(you will understand what i mean when i will release it). And also a Update from Admin and for all features. These are the next objective. In near future Midrub will have even installation page step by step which will help you to configure even the server for Midrub. Buttons to install new themes, apps, components and networks were added, but will work until the end of this year.  

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