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Midrub Apps Configuration Introduction

The Apps in Midrub are used as services for user. Only Apps can be enabled or disabled per user's plans and only the apps have the guest feature in Midrub.

Apps are optionally, you can create components instead which will be available for all users. The components in Midrub user's panel are the default pages like plans, settings, notifications, faq, etc. 

By default all Midrub's Apps and User's components are disabled for all users and you can enable them. Where is the goal? Simply, you can decide per plan which features will have a user for his plan. But the components are optionally, you decide which to enable.

Why even the dashboard's app is disabled by default? Midrub is much more advanced than you think, i've prepared in his core the support for a lot of features which i'm going to release in future. From the begin i've thought about the option to redirect users per plan when they sign in. Why is important this? Midrub is a multipurpose script and i'm happy to expand it's availability for any goal. For example your frontend theme won't have plan selector and the default plan(which is provided to all users which don't have a plan) will have only redirect to the plans page where users will have to upgrade to a plan to be able to use the Midrub's features. This is only a goal, but there are more goals why i've disabled all apps by default. 

Please, remember, each app should be enabled first from Administrator -> User -> Apps. Then from the plan's pages and don't forget to add it in the user's menu.

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