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Midrub Core Introduction

The Midrub CMS is based fully on CodeIgniter framework. I'm using the framework's rules to manage the database, controllers, views, libraries, etc. I'm using the CodeIgniter features to sanitize and protect Midrub against attacks and if you know CodeIgniter, you can write code for new Midrub's features. 

I won't explain 100 % how works the Midrub's Core, but some information i will provide anyway. You don't need to change the core to develop new components, apps, themes or plugins. 

I've started to rewrite the Midrub core from september 2018 and until the end of this year i think to finish to rewrite the Midrub's core. The essential features will be ready in october 2019, but i have also to create a coupon code component(more advanced), invoices creator app(more advanced), etc.

For now the priorities are automatic updates/installation, universal payment system, advanced Notifications component, advanced Members component, new admin's Dashboard component and improve the Settings component.

As soon the priorities will be done, i will start to develop premium features and you will create concurrency with Midrub to the middle and big companies.

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