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Midrub Dashboard

Midrub Dashboard is the first Midrub's app which i've created in Midrub. It is dynamic, i mean you can import from other apps widgets in this app. Midrub's components can't import widgets in the Midrub Dashboard app.

By default the app has 4 small widgets which can be enabled from Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps -> Dashboard. These widgets are included in the Midrub's Dashboard, not imported from other apps.

The importation of widgets from other apps isn't based on hooks, but on standalone classes. I won't change this way even if i don't like it. I think to create other dashboards apps, but for a different scope. You will see as soon i will add automatic updates from Midrub for each Midrub's feature.

Midrub's dashboard don't uses the cron job, don't saves user's data and it just displays the apps widgets.

Each widget has its css and js files, but them are imported via hooks from Midrub 

In the next article i will make even a video about how to create a class which will import the widgets. 

Please don't disable this app until i will add a new payment system, because it manages the user subscriptions!

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