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Midrub Ebay Marketplace - dropshipping tools for eBay

Midrub Ebay Marketplace allows you to connect the eBay accounts with several click. Then, you will get in real time information about orders(like created time, number of products sold, price, order status, products sold, user contact information and other details).

All products are getting in real time from eBay and you can see their status, quantity sold, quantity available, the date when ending listing and you can delete them with a click.

Midrub Ebay Marketplace allows to create a new product based on your preferences and select photos with a click. You can select one or more accounts where will be published your products. You can even select social networks where will be shared the published products and with Midrub Ads Manager you can boost your products on social networks.

In the Analytics tab you can generate reports based on time for transaction, coversion rate, store views, search views, external views, direct views, total views and total impressions. You can even download the reports in a csv file.

Midrub Ebay Marketplace is the first dropshipping tool for eBay in Midrub and will be developed other for same scope.

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