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Midrub Ebay Marketplace version 0.0.3

The version of Midrub Ebay Marketplace was adapted for Midrub 0,0.7.9 and newer versions. I've changed the app strategy and instead Markets now you will have in Admin -> User -> Apps -> Ebay Marketplace. From Admin -> User -> Menu you can add any name and icon you want.

After this changes, now the Midrub Ebay Marketplace is more faster and in this month i'm going to allow you to turn Midrub in a complete solution for eBay:

  • Midrub Ebay Marketplace.
  • Ebay RSS Creator will be ready today(9/16/2019).
  • Ebay widgets for dashboard and new user's theme created specially for eBay will be ready in this week.
  • In the next week will be available templates for Midrub Stream with eBay's scope.
  • I'm not sure when, but soon will be ready bulk upload and my goal is to allow the connection of other markets and upload automatically on selected eBay's account.

Sorry for delay with Midrub Ebay Marketplace but there were serious reason for 2 months delay. 

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