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Midrub Ebay Marketplace version 0.0.5

A new version is available for the Midrub Ebay Marketplace app. Now in Midrub Ebay Marketplace you can edit the existing prooducts. I didn't added yet support for variations and contact information. The editing product feature was developed more for quick editing. 

In the next version i'm going to add Inventory management which will allow you to easy manage multiple stores. And in the current version i've added already a tool for Inventory which allows you to update the quantity in the inventory based on Sku.

Please remember if the SKU isn't added in the Inventory, it won't be seen by the tool.

The inventory will allow to bulk upload products.

The new app based on eBay which i'm developing now, allows you to get the most popular products on eBay, and with a click you will see similar products on Amazon. With several clicks you will be able to copy the product from Amazon and publish on eBay. The new app will be interesting.

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