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Midrub Facebook Chatbot Introduction

The Midrub Facebook Chatbot was developed to allow you to help your clients to find easy a response to their questions. Another reason is in possibility to save subscribers and send after promotional messages.

The difference between Midrub Facebook Chatbot and Midrub Inbox is in templates, CSV import,  Categories and more features. Midrub Facebook Chatbot is much more advanced and was developed to allow you to help better your clients. 

Midrub Facebook Chatbot has a diagram creator, which allows you to create diagrams with suggestions. The diagram with suggestions are called groups with suggestions. Users will be able to get a suggestions group based on their message. Next them will navigate through the diagram/menu to get the wanted response. I just suspect, i've created the first responsive diagram which can be used easily in any browser. 

The Midrub Facebook Chatbot's diagram has a very complex diagram and i don't recommend to edit the JS or PHP code used to save/display the diagram because you risk to break the code. If you want, you can custom the CSS code of Midrub Facebook Chatbot because isn't hard and you can add any kind of animation to make it more profesional.

The CSV format for inport/export of the quick replies has three fields: 

  • Keywords - contains the reply's keywords.
  • Response - contains the  reply's response. If is a number, will be selected a suggestions group. You can see the ids in the suggestions groups list. 
  • Accuracy - contains the keywords accuracy.

In the History Page you will see the last contacts, by using the search fields you can search for users and see when them has contacted you and all History's data about the conversation.

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