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Midrub Facebook Marketing Introduction

Midrub Facebook Marketing is an app for Midrub which can be used to contact your contacts from Facebook. Midrub Facebook Marketing has many kinds of filters and allows you to schedule the sending of promotional messages.

How the Midrub Facebook Marketing app works?

  • You need to have the Midrub Facebook Commenter app or the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app. 
  • If you have one of these apps, you can save as subscribers your Facebook's contacts and people which contacts you.
  • The subscribers could be grouped per category. 
  • Once you have subscribers you are able to use the Midrub Facebook Marketing app.
  • In the Promotional Messages page you can schedule promotional messages.
  • Each promotional message could be a plain text or a template with options.
  • You can select the categories where will be sent the promotional messages(promotional messages can be sent only to categories).
  • Promotional messages will be sent to your subscribers which are in the selected categories.
  • For each promotional messages sent, you will see detailed statistics(unsubscribed, who has seen, unseen and click monitoring will be a little later).

How works the automatizations in the Midrub Facebook Marketing app?

  • You already know my magic categories in the apps based on messenger. These categories has many scopes and them makes your life more easy. 
  • The Midrub Facebook Marketing app allows you to select categories and time in hours(1, 10 or many hours). 
  • When you have got new users in a category, the Midrub Facebook Marketing app  will count the time and once reached up the wanted time, will send a message.

With Suggestions Groups you are able to create templates. Same Suggestions Groups will be available even in the Midrub Facebook Commenter app or the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app. This mean, your subscribers will be able to navigate through your templates.

RSS Feed won't be supported in this app but i will provide other two ways which will support even RSS Feeds.

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