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Midrub Payments Introduction

From the begin Midrub has had a simply payment system which has been a little more complex to configure due to needs in correct data added in plans. This was important and is important because Midrub verifies each transaction if was made correct with requested value and currency. Moreover for recurring payments Midrub has requested more configuration because Midrub should cancel the subscription when someone deletes it directly from PayPal(for example). If you know scripts where the payments feature is more simply to configure, means them has a more basic payment feature which can be easily trick(no correct transaction verification or cancel subscription from gateway).

Even so, until Midrub has had a non professional payment system which can't be useful for future Midrub needs. From the payment system was created from scratch with new tables in the database, new code, new design and location. New payment will provide support for both subscription and one time payment. Also, new payment will allow you to create more prices for a plan. Example: month, quarter, year, etc. with a price for it. 

New payment system has the goal to be used for both Midrub's users and guests. Don't worry if admin won't be able to use it to make payments because there will be for this scope created special plans with apps only to make payments to employers and other kind of people. Admin will only administrate the Midrub features.

Midrub will have in the next year it's store and other kind of apps to receive payments(classifieds, markets, etc.), where user won't subscribe to a plan, but will be only one time payment for a service. And Midrub needs an universal payments system to cover any kind of payments. 

As administrator you can configure the new Midrub Payment system from the same location as before. New Midrub Payment system has by default Baintree and Stripe with recurring payments. All of them supports credit cards. But i'm going to add later other gateways too because it's simply. 

Midrub Payments has its themes too because isn't possible to use the User's or Frontend's themes because both guests and users will be able to use them.

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