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Midrub SmartRepost Spintax

The Midrub SmartRepost app allows you to create original posts with the Spintax feature. The Spintax feature replaces the words in an existing post with synonyms. 

How the Spintax feature works?

  • First you have to import a list of words with their synonyms(divided with a quote).
  • You don't need to add again a synonym as word because the Spintax feature will verify each word's synonyms for best match in a post.
  • You don't need to use the parentheses or other non smart way. Just write a word and its synonyms in the same line.
  • Once you have created a list with words, you just have to decide for which condition will be used the Spintax. 
  • Once enabled the Spintax feature for a Midrub SmartRepost's condition, it will verify if the posts have the words in the list and will replace in random way. For example you have a word with synonyms(cordial, ducky, fair, friendly, good). If in the post were found twice the word cordial, first could be used fair and then friendly. But this in random way.
  • You don't need to take care for duplicates, because same post never will be duplicated if you have a large list with synonyms.

Spintax allows you to import the words one by one per line or you can import them from CSV.

As i've written above, the Spintax could be used optionally. For each condition you have the option to use or no Spintax, like other options too.

Moreover, the Spintax feature allows you to export the words in a CSV and you can get insights for the words. You will see how often are used the words based on the filters.

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