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Midrub Stream Version 0.0.5

The Midrub Stream version 0.0.5 was developed for Midrub Final. The app has support for new Midrub's Core and updated social networks classes. 

Please wait final version Midrub to get the last Stream's update because wasn't work and will generate errors.

The Midrub Stream was integrated in the new Midrub's Core and this means it has a new location for php file at application/base/user/apps/collection and assets are located at assets/base/user/apps/collection.

The functionality is the same. When will be ready the Midrub Final you will see a long description for the update to understand why it stopped me to develop new features for Midrub.


  1. Was integrated in the new Midrub's core.
  2. Was added support for new Midrub's hooks.
  3. Was added support for updated social networks.


  1. Was improved support for groups with accounts.
  2. Was improved support for templates customization.

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