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Midrub Themes Configuration Introduction

Midrub is a CMS and it main scope is business. You can adapt Midrub for your needs by creating components for user, administrator and auth. You can adapt it for your needs by creating apps for user and a new design.

With Midrub components, apps and themes you can create a very original website. The Midrub structure will allow you to develop your website in the fastest way possible and you will save time and money to start your business.

The Midrub Themes are easy to develop, you just need html knowledge and save your html code in php files. Themes can be developed for the user, administrator and frontend. You can decide how will look Midrub. 

The customization of the Midrub administrator and user panel could take only several minutes, not several hours like does other CMS where you have to search in Google the right code to change a simple logo or a link. 

Another cool feature are the menu management. You can reorder your menu in frontend, administrator and user panel with several clicks. You don't need to use Google to search for a half of hour how to change the position of a menu's item in the administrator or user panel like requires the popular CMS :-)

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