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Midrub User Introduction

Midrub User is an Admin's component developed to manage the User's panel. Before in Admin's menu was even Users item but i've renamed it to Members because Members are even admin/simple users and to avoid a misunderstanding, i've decided to rename Users to Members. Members will be a component too. User in Midrub's means consumer or client and User's component allows to manage it's services.

In Midrub we have only 2 roles: administrator and user. I'm not interested to add multiples roles support because Midrub isn't Wordpress. What has the Administrator, couldn't have the user or other role. If you want only a moderator, create a plan for moderator and a Midrub's app which will provide access to what you want to allow to moderator to moderate. The Members component will be the most advanced you ever seen, i mean by providing information about users and is dangerous to provide access to moderators to such kind of content. So, Midrub has 2 roles and if you want new roles, create plans which don't means money.

Midrub User has those features by default:

  • Components - from where you can manage the components in the User's panel.
  • Apps - from where you can manage the apps in the User's panel.
  • Themes - from where you can manage the themes in the User's panel.
  • Menu - from where you can manage the menu for users.
  • Plans - from where you can manage the User's plans and their features. Only users has plans,
  • Networks - from where you can manage the User's networks and configure them.
  • User Settings - from where you can manage a part of the user's settings.

As other components in Midrub Admin's panel, you are able to to add new pages in the User's component by using the plugins or even the Midrub's User Themes. 


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