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Midrub User Notifications Introduction

The Midrub Notifications component for user has more features to help user to understand what is wrong with the user activity in Midrub, when the plan should be updated, when there are new features and get customized offers.

Midrub Notifications provides notifications based on categories:

  • General - are all notifications which administrator sends from his panel.
  • Errors - are notifications generated automatically for different kind of errors about the user's activity in Midrub.
  • Offers - are the notifications generated based on administrator's filters(example: apps used, plan expiration, plan used, etc).

Users can delete the notifications with a click. Also, when then opens the notification page, it is marked as readed.

The notifications idea in Midrub is very big and interesting, as soon will be ready even the Notifications component for administrator you will be impressed. 

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