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Midrub Version Update 16

Unfortunately the Midrub Posts was removed from Envato. You could still get updates in the same way like before. You could generate update's codes and update all purchased apps. You don't need to pay more.

Before get this update is important to know, the Google's PHP library should be updated because it has two required libraries which are old. You need just to download the vendor from here

Another important step is to update the Posts app. Blogger and Youtube were updated to support the newest Google's PHP Library. But for Google My Business i will need several days more because i haven't had possibility to test it. 

After this update the Blogger and Youtube connect button will be changed with an image. Unfortunately, Google now insists with a lot of things to approve the requested scopes. Even so, you could custom the button as you need. It is located here assets/img.

To show correct work of the Midrub CMS + Posts app i'm showing below the videos with my tests:

As you can see in the videos above, anything works as is described in the description. In this month will be improved the payments with Stripe.

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