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Moderate Posts in the Waiting List

In the CRM Social app the users could work together with a team. The app provides multiple tools to control the features available for the team members.

One of the key feature in the app is the possibility to allow to the team members only to create the posts and save them in the Waiting List until will be approved by the team administrator or by a team member with the moderation permissions.

To save automatically the team members posts in the Waiting List you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the CRM Team app
  • Click on the Roles menu item.
  • Click on the wanted role.
  • Click on the Social Tab.
  • First enable the permission Allow Social Access(to allow the CRM Social app access).
  • Then enable the permission Allow Posts Creation(to allow the posts creation).
  • Then enable the permission Posts Approval(to save automatically the posts in the Waiting List).

The user will find the saved posts in the CRM Social app -> In Queue page. The posts could be there moderated and the user could get details about a post from the direct link(chart icon).

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