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Payments Introduction for SellIt

In the SellIt app, each user could add his payments gateway and receive money directly in the payments gateway account. The user controls the payments, refunds, taxes and discounts. 

I didn't use the Midrub's payments gateways. The available payments gateways integrated in the SellIt app works without the Midrub's core and are more simply. The recurring payments aren't supported. Even so, them are secure and supports 3D secure. Moreover, after each sale, the code verifies if the payment has expected value and after shows success or error messages.

Each user have to configure the payments gateways. Some of them are hard to be configured because requires an approbation, but i'm going to add multiple payments gateways and will be possible to choose. The configuration information for the payments gateways is available here You can custom the configuration information and make it more user-friendly for your clients.

You can even add your payments gateways. More information you will get here 

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