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Payments Themes Introduction

I like to think globally and for this reason all Midrub's features are developed with possibility to add later more features. For this reason i've added themes support even for payments. The themes are very basic but i think them could be useful in future.

The payments themes are located in this directory application/base/payments/themes.

At this moment there is one theme, called default. If you will add your theme, it wasn't work because i didn't created the possibility to enable or disable them from admin(but there is required only to add the theme's name in application/base/payments/main.php to enable your theme).

How can be used the payment themes with your payments? For example you can add dynamically the css and js links. Also, you can custom the title. The concept is same like for Midrub's Apps. 

The payment themes are important and i think there will be a nice future for them.

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