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PayPal Introduction for Midrub

The PayPal gateway in Midrub allows you to receive payments. It supports one time payments and recurring payments. 

To integrate the PayPal gateway in Midrub, i've followed the last instructions and recommends from PayPal. You can receive now payments as a serious business. 

How the PayPal gateway works? When the payments options tell to the payments gateway about the recurring support, PayPal will display only a subscription button. One time payment is not supported. Also tell to your clients to not cancel the subscription immediately after payment because PayPal will send a notification to Midrub and they will lost their subscription. One time payment is available only when recurring payments aren't available. Is not my fault, because PayPal recommends their js button which loads when is loaded the page. Second way without button is more complex. 

I've disabled payments via credit cards for PayPal with recurring payments because Midrub has more professional ways to accept payments via credit cards. But for one time payment, will be allowed even the credit cards with PayPal. 

As other gateways, Midrub deletes the subscription:

  • When user deletes the subscription directly from PayPal.
  • When user changes the plan. 
  • When user haven't paid or doesn't have money for subscription.

To use the PayPal gateway you need a business PayPal account. You can read more in the configuration's documentation.

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