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Please don't ask me to add new payments gateways

Until the version i've used in Midrub basic payments gateways which were possible to create in several hours. The problem was in recurring, which missed, also other features which are requested to provide professional services. 

I've created a perfect payment system which can be used for multiple scopes. To add now a new payment gateway i need to spend several days because i have to understand how the payments gateways works with recurring and 3D payments. Also, i have to make hundreds of tests and this requires time. Also, all payments gateways have a different documentation and it's hard to understand how them works. Usually them aren't documented enough and i'm spending a lot of time.

By default Midrub has professional integrated gateways: PayPal, Braintree, 2Checkout and Stripe. 

I think these are enough and i like Stripe which has clever use and looks very cool. I won't use more basic payments integrations with forms because i need quality and the quality requires time. 

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