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set_panel_tabs_collapses - adds collapses in the panel

The Midrub Email Composer allows you to custom it's panel as you want and you can decide the number of the tabs in the panel. Moreover, each panel could have one or more collapses with elements or settings.

In the Midrub Emails Composer the collapses are the groups with settings or elements. I'm calling elements the boxes/buttons which can be dragged inside the template. 

To add new collapses in the panel, you have to use the method set_panel_tabs_collapses which allows you to register one or more collapses in any tab you want. 

The method set_panel_tabs_collapses has these parameters:

  • name - has the collapse name. Should be a string.
  • slug - has the collapse slug. Should be a string.
  • tab_slug - has the tab slug where should be added the collapse. Should be a slug.
  • type - has the collapse way to displays the elements or settings. Should be elements or settings.

In the video below you can see how to register new collapses in the panel.

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