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set_panel_tabs - register the tabs in the panel tools

By default the Midrub Email Composer Library has only the Settings tab in it's panel. To add new tabs in the panel, you have to use the method set_panel_tabs. The method set_panel_tabs allows you to register one or more tabs. 

What is a tab in the Midrub Emails Composer's panel? The tabs are the groups with tools and settings. Them helps users to find easily what they needs. By adding new tabs, you will add only tab's button, name and icon. Then, with other methods you can add the functionality. 

The set_panel_tabs method has these parameters:

  • name - contains the tab's name.
  • slug - contains the tab's slug.
  • icon - contains the tab's icon.

The settings tab is registered with same set_panel_tabs method and is registered from the adddefault method. 

Once added the tabs, you can use the method set_panel_tabs_collapses to register your features per tab. 

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