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set_css_urls - add styles links in a payment gateway

In a previous article for payments, i've written about how to create the view with form and the role of the method pay in the payment gateway class. One of the advantage of the Midrub Payments System is the possibility to custom the payment gateway as you prefer and you can add support for any payment gateway you want.

Each payment gateway's form can be customized with your styles. To make this possible, you have to add CSS's links inside the pay method in a payment gateway's class.

To add a CSS's link, please use the code below:

// For external url 
set_css_urls(array('stylesheet', 'your url', 'text/css', 'all'));

// For internal url
set_css_urls(array('stylesheet', base_url('path with file'), 'text/css', 'all'));

Once added, the CSS's links, you will see them inside html from your payment gateway's form.

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