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SmartRepost Introduction

SmartRepost is an app for Midrub which was created with the scope mainly to update automatically the social accounts with wanted contents. This is an original idea and it allows you to get contents from different sources.

How the SmartRepost works?

  • A condition in the SmartRepost app means custom rules for posting.
  • First you have to select a source from where the app will get the contents to publish.
  • Then you have to select the accounts where will be published the contents. You can select even a group with many accounts.
  • You can create up to 20 plannifications for posting(select days of the week, two dates period interval and hours interval for posting).¬†
  • You have to enter the condition's title and other options are optionally(spintax, image posting, url posting, words which should contain the contents to publish and words which should be in the contents which won't be published).
  • Then you have to save the condition.

The conditions are saved in the page Conditions where you can manage the conditions, update conditions and get insights for each condition. In the condition page you can see the number of published posts and errors. Also, you will see the published's posts with direct links and them have an icon which shows you if were or no published.

SmartRepost has an original Spintax's feature where you need only to import the words from a CSV. Then it in random way will replace the words as you need. The Spintax's words could be imported even one by one and deleted.

In the SmartRepost -> Analytics Page you will the number of published posts, unpublished(errors), the conditions which published the largest number of posts and the conditions which have recently a publishing issue.

SmartRepost can be used in at least 3 ways:

  • Update automatically the social accounts with wanted content at the selected time.
  • Create a custom source which will allow you to sell contents based on a secret key which user will get from you.
  • Create webhooks for the services which don't have webhooks and send the requests automatically where you need.

You can create original sources by following the documentation here

The app can be provided as SAAS to your clients and you can restrict the sources by user's plan.

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