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SmartRepost version 0.0.2

SmartRepost version 0.0.2 is available now and can be got from the administrator panel. 

New features:

  • Added referral code support. If is enabled, url should be enabled too.
  • New 9 sources: Recent Media, Recent Articles, GIPHY Gifs, GIPHY Stickers, Blogs Posts, Followed Blogs, Vk Posts, Recent Tweets, Ebay Items By Category, Random Tweets and Ebay Items By Keywords.

You can see all available sources here

There still is a bug with correct data for the following days, but in this week will be fixed.

Another issue is with the plannification rules number. But in this week i will restrict them too.

The GIPHY will be uploaded on CodeCanyon today or tomorow or i can provide it by email.

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