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Social Access Introduction

In Midrub you can easily add your social networks or other kind of websites(like MailChimp, Envato, etc) to allow users to sign up and sign in.

By default Midrub has Facebook and Twitter Sign Up/Sign In option. in my portfolio you will find other 5 social networks, which allows to sign up and sign inĀ

The username will be created with first letter from the name of the social network, second character will be a dot and after will be user id.

Why i've added soo complex username? These are the reasons:

  • To save time for signup. Imagine you have 10 k users, and user tries to sign up with a social network and the username is taken. Will try more times to add an original username but this taken time. Google or other services shows suggestions based on name with numbers but who will remember this? So, email will be correct and users ca add their passwords after.
  • Why the username can't be taken? In Midrub username can't contains dots for normal signup and this allows to make an unique username.

I'm going to add even two factor verification by sms/email and possibility to add email at signup with a social network.

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