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Sources Introduction

Sources in the Midrub SmartRepost are the sources from where will be taken the content to be published in your social accounts. The Sources are stadalone classes which allows you to connect your social accounts, custom the Sources content as you need and plan the content to be published with the conditions at the wanted time, in the wanted days and as many times as you need. For example: 2 posts at 16:00 every monday and friday for 6 months between interval of time 16:00 and 17:00 in 2 of your Facebook Pages.

By default the Midrub SmartRepost has 4 sources:

  • Facebook Pages - allows you to publish posts from one of your Facebook Page in any destination you want.
  • Instagram Medias - allows you to get popular posts from Instagram and publish in your accounts.
  • Popular Tweets - allows you to get popular tweets from Twitter based on your keywords and publish where you want.
  • Popular Videos - allows you to get popular videos from Youtube and publish in your accounts. Won't be downloaded the Youtube Videos. Will be published the links.

These 4 are by default only. Other will be separately for sale and will be a lot of sources which will allow to have forever activity in your accounts.

The sources could be hard to be developed. In the Development category you can see the information about how to create your own sources. But the complexity is like in the Stream's templates.

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