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the_complete_transaction - provides a completed transaction

The function the_complete_transaction can be used in the page where you want to redirect user after payment. In that page you can use the function the_complete_transaction to get the transaction after payment. 

In the redirected page you will use the_complete_transaction to understand if the transaction was done successfully and with amount which you've expected. 

How the the_complete_transaction function works?

  • First a theme's, app's or component's page will use the function generate_incomplete_transaction to generate an incomplete transaction.
  • In your payment gateway you have to use the function the_incomplete_transaction to register the incomplete transaction and to get the transaction with transaction's id.
  • And the save_complete_transaction function will use the transaction's id to mark it as complete.
  • Last function the_complete_transaction will provide you transaction's details. 

The Midrub Payments allows you to build any kind of payments for any purposes. You can add loaders in your gateway like has tha bank to look more secure or you can customize the gateways as you want. You can use even Bitcoin or other kind of currency.

You just need to understand how to use 4 functions to develop a gateway.

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