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The difference between close and delete a ticket

When a user opens a support ticket you will see it in the Midrub Support -> Tickets page. From there you can reply to the received ticket, you can close the ticket or delete the ticket. 

Which is the difference between ticket deletion and ticket closing? When a ticket is closed, user can see it and even you still can see it. when ticket is active, you or user has a notification in the top side of the page(at least in the Blue theme) but when the ticket is closed, there isn't more displayed a notification and both administrator and user will see the closed message, When a ticket is deleted, the ticket is deleted from the database and no one will be able to see it.

Why and when should you delete a ticket? For example if someone creates duplicates or when someone abuses and creates many irrelevant tickets.

Why and when should you close a ticket? When user don't replies more to your tickets. But don't worry, i will add automatization for this case.

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