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Themes Introduction

At this moment Midrub has only themes for frontend, but in the second part of august 2019 Midrub will have themes support even for the user dashboard. And a little later will be even support for admin's themes. 

What are the themes in Midrub? My goal with themes is to allow to easily custom the page content. You can use html code to create a theme and in the following articles in the Themes category i will explain how to create a theme.

Please remember, a theme for frontend, can't be used as admin or user theme because the functions used in frontend won't be spported. For admin and user i will make an exception.

In Midrub you can translate the themes from your admin panel, but if you're adding static works in the translation files, you will have to translate them too in other languages if you will have more.

I have very big and interesting goals for Midrub themes. 

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