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Threads Creator for Twitter Introduction

Threads Creator for Twitter is an app for Midrub which provides the easiest way to create Twitter threads and publish them in multiple Twitter's accounts. The threads can be scheduled or published in real time.

With a click is possible to add photos and videos in the thread's tweets. A tweet could contain up to 4 photos, one gif or one video. 

With a click is possible to select the twitter accounts and you will get preview in real time for the created tweets. The maximum tweets length is 280 characters. By overpassing this limit, the user will see a red circle.

In the Threads Creator for Twitter you will find a feature which allows to find popular tweets on Twitter by keywords. You could easily search popular tweets based on your interests and insert them with a click in the thread's tweets. You could create threads even only with popular tweets and get audience without efforts.

The Threads Creator for Twitter app has support for the Tenor's api. You could use for free the Tenor's api to search gifs animations and use them in your tweets. The gifs are downloaded as videos and you could insert them with a click.

The created threads can be edited if are scheduled or if are saved as draft. Moreover, in the Insights page for each thread's tweets are displayed the number of favorites and likes. The results can be filtered by Twitter accounts.

If an error occurs when the threads are published, the user will see in real time a modal with direct link to the history page where will see the thread's error. This app could be restricted by the team's role for the team's members. 

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