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Tickets and Notes limits for Support Tickets app

In the administrator panel -> User -> Apps -> Tickets app you will see two options with text inputs: Notes Limit and Replies Limit. These options are optional and are very important. Imagine you're providing free support and a you have a evil-minded client which could use a browser's extension and create automatically several billions of notes or replies for a ticket. This extension could break your database. 

For user's settings already exists a control. You have control for team's members, tickets and chats. But same control is required even for tickets replies and user notes. For this purpose the options Notes Limit and Replies Limit will allow you to limit the number of data which a user could save in the database. You just have to enter a number and it will limit the number of the saved data.

For agents i didn't added such kind of limits because you're knowing who are your agents.

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