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Translation Introduction

The translation in Midrub requires time and a lot of patience. But if you compare Midrub with any other CMS, you will find same hard process to translate all plugins and templates/themes. 

Midrub has multilanguage support and you can add multiple languages. At this moment the different url isn't supported. 

Below you will see how to translate Midrub but in other Translation's subcategories you will find information about how to translate each app, component and theme.

You have first to create a new language folder here application/language. After you have to copy each files from the folder english and translate them. Each app has its language folders and you have to translate them in the same way.

After that, open the file application/config/config.php and at the variable $config[‘language’] replace the 'english' with the word name of your translation folder.

You have to copy this file in your translation folder and translate too.

And this file in your translation folder if you can't send more emails.

In this way you can easily translate Midrub in any language you want.

Please remember, each update means new words to translate, just copy them from the original english files in your edited files.

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