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Updates Introduction

This introduction will be edited in september when i will add automatic update support. 

From the begin Midrub had an original update system. But the update system is not perfect, because a large number of files can't be updated. The max update limit is about 100 files. A lot of servers are slow and have configuration limits and updates with a large number of files will be interrupted before the end.

I've created at the begin the system update for bugs and i'm using it for this scope more. If you're reporting a bug, i'm not interested to make you wait a new update in a month. I will provide imediatelly a new update with solution from admin(this was my goal from the begin).

In september 2019 i will develop a new update solution which will allow you easily to update/install Midrub's base, apps, components, plugins and themes. Updates after will be always possible to get from admin panel.

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