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URL Shorteners Introduction

In the CRM Social app users could use an url shortener service to short the posts links. The posts links could be shortened automatically or manually. For this purpose the app provides a special feature.

User could select an url shortener service by default from the Settings page which will be used to short automatically the posts links. The default selected url shortener service will be used with RSS feeds, automatic and manual created posts.

For the manual created posts, the user could change the default url shortener service or keep the link original in an individual post. When the user enters the post link in the Post Link modal, a preview is generated for that url and below the original url, will be displayed the shortened url. The app saves both original and shortened urls, but will use only shortened if the option is enabled.

It's possible to add more url shortener services without losing the files after update. You could read more about this in the Development category.

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