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Use a calendar in Midrub with show_calendar

Main.show_calendar is used in Midrub to generate a calendar/planner for more apps. You can customize it as you want, just remember to not edit the name.

In the new Posts app, which will be very advanced and cool i will create a special user's theme with advanced Main.show_calendar method. You can do same, as you prefer.

Main.show_calendar has four parameters:

  • month - contains an integer with month.
  • day - contains an integer with day.
  • year - contains an integer with year.
  • format - contains the format 24/12 hours.

These parameters are used to calculate the today date and the time fields(12 or 24 hours).

I'm using by default the function show_year to display the month's name. Sorry for the name, i will add correct show_month.

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