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What coming in the Midrub's core soon

At the begin i had very poor imagination about the Midrub's future. I've worked only for other people and developed only what they have asked. I didn't had skills to elaborate smart strategies in the code and for this reason the code was poor(I've added too many features without any strategy). 

Meanwhile i've learned a lot and from 2018 i've started to elaborate strategies in the Midrub's code. Unfortunately i don't have always the best imagination for some features and for this reason i have to rewrite them later. This happened to the Midrub's Apps and their hooks.

With new Midrub's Core anything will be more professional. I will start from the Midrub Facebook Chat app to release more clean and easy to use apps for Midrub. But i need several months to finish the essential features which have the big and middle companies(professional notification system with newsletter and offers promotion, more advanced invoices generator, more advanced coupons codes and improved payments support for any purpose).

First in near future i'm going to release a new advanced payment system with recurring payments. By default Midrub will have Baintree and Stripe.   

With new payment, my goal is to allow you to use payments system even in your apps or components. For example Midrub will have it's Woocommerce and you will turn Midrub in an ecommerce. Another idea is to allow users to create their plans. They will add in their plans the features which they want and the plans will be only their. In this way for example a user will be able to increase the number of RSS feeds for his plan. Or will be able to increase number of connected accounts. The user's plans will be hidden for other people but you will be able to see the plans from admin. Also, i think to add the users list in each plan, to show you who are using a plan. 

With all these features you will be ready to provide to your clients same features like a big company. Anything will be but you have to remember, all these features means more attention to the new settings. 

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