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What kind of data you could see in the users alert page

A create users alert can't be edited from the Notifications component. The main reason is because some people already has seen a content and after the alert's content is different and the user shouldn't look again for alert's updates. Better delete it and create new users alert.

The created users alerts could be found in the Notifications -> Users Alerts. There you will see all available users alerts created by administrator(the System Alerts should automatic generated alerts for all members). Each alert shows the alert's name and alert's type.

In the alert's page you could see the alert's content, added by the administrator and the options like banner or page enabled/disabled. In the alerts page you could see the selected filters for alert. 

The alert's page shows even the users which have received the alert, status and when the alert was seen. The unseen status means the user has received the alert but didn't seen it yet(for example you have selected the user's plan and it was selected automatically as receiver).

You could see the alert's page even in the video below:

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