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What will be in Midrub

First of all i will add Posts editing in the posts app. I've promised long time ago this but i was crazy busy. Finally now will be added in the History page.

I will add better support for payments. Stripe and PayPal will be by default and will support recurring payments. I won't use more the forms data to make payments. I will integrate their Api.

Automatic update component which will allow you to update Midrub forever from the admin panel. I'm not sure, i think to use DropBox to provide updates.

I think to finish this version in about a month. 

I'm not sure if the next update will require manual update too. But i will try to make perfect the update component to allow you anytime to return to a previous version and when you will update, there will be deactivated Midrub for public and users will see an update message because it will take up to 10 minutes to update Midrub(you just will click once and will see the update process). 

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