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Whatsapp for the Midrub InboxAll app

It's hard to be approved by Facebook to use their Whatsapp's Api. Even if they will approve you, there will be a fee for each message from Whatsapp. For this reason, i've integrated Twilio in Midrub to be possible to use Whatsapp. It's more easy to be approved by Twilio to use the Whatsapp's Api. They will provide a phone number and you can use it with Midrub. 

The network anyway in Midrub is called Twilio because i think to integrate Whatsapp in more ways and will be clear the way of use. The configuration of the Twilio network for Midrub it's very easy .

Once configured the Twilio network for Midrub, you will see it in the Midrub InboxAll app. Then you have to connect your Whatsapp numbers as i've explained here

You will receive the Whatsapp's messages from all connected phone numbers in the InboxAll app. You can see the messages with a click(text, image, video, links, emojis but stickers aren't supported). You can even reply to the messages from same message.

For each message you will pay 0.01$. If you're receiving 100 messages per day you will receive 1$.

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