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Who are the guests and what kind of data is collected in the CRM Chatbot for Instagram app

Every time when an Instagram's user sends a direct message to the connected Instagram's accounts connected in the CRM Chatbot for Instagram app the user is saved as guest.

What kind of data is saved for a guest? If the Instagram's user has a professional account, will be saved its username, otherwise will be saved its user's id. If the user sends phone numbers or email addresses, all of these will be saved too. Each assigned category is saved too in the guest's profile.

If the Instagram's contacts us in multiple Instagram's accounts, each thread with messages will be saved in separate list with conversations. The conversations can be found in the guest's page.

The guests can be exported in a CSV file with the fields:

  • User's id from┬áthe CRM Chatbot for Instagram app.
  • Username from Instagram.
  • All emails addresses.
  • All phone numbers.
  • All assigned categories.

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