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Why is displayed a report modal when is added a new language

In the Translator plugin is possible to add new languages with several clicks. The language will be added in all plugins, apps, components, themes and the payments gateways. You can read more about the article about how to add a new language.

The plugin adds a new a language by cloning the folders and files of the selected language in the config.php. For this reason the added language has exactly same words and you can translate them.

What happens if a file or a directory is not cloned correctly? This could happen for many reasons and for this reason the adding of the new language stops and all added files/folders are deleted. If a file or a folder is not deleted correctly, the Translator plugin will show you a popup with the folders which should be deleted. You have to delete them manually.

To avoid issues when you're adding a new language just ensure all file writing permissions are correct.

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