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Why the Midrub SmartRepost app creates several posts instead one

The Midrub SmartRepost app uses the Posts app to publish the posts. This means i have no a way yet to use Spintax to create each post original when you're selecting several accounts to publish. For this reason, for each selected account will be created a new post if the Spintax is enabled(yes, this will affect the plan's rate).

How this will work?

  • First the app gets the content to publish.
  • Verifies if Spintax is enabled for the current condition.
  • Verifies the number of accounts.¬†
  • Starts to create an original post with Spintax.
  • Schedules the post.

If the Spintax is disabled, the post will be just published once with all selected accounts.

If you're selecting a group with accounts for a condition, the Spintax will be used only once to make the original post and will be scheduled with the selected post.

If Spintax is enabled and you've selected multiple accounts, the Midrub SmartRepost app will schedule the posts with 60 seconds difference.

As you're seeing, there are 3 ways the have updated your social accounts.

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