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Why to select a plan in the agent's plan

The Support Desk Pro collection was developed to charge the agents which wants to provide support to their clients. The Support Desk Pro has many features which could be enabled/disabled per plan. 

Imagine a client sign up from the invitation url and sees Chats app, but the agent plan don't has enabled that app. Or sees the Products app but the agent don't has that app. Is required a strategy to provide same features which have the agent. Moreover, an agent has a basic plan with 2 team members limit. You can't provide to his clients a team limit with 100 members. Who pays more, received more. Even their clients.

My solution is to create an agent plan and create a client plan. Then, in the agents plan -> Plans tab you will see the dropdown with the clients plan. Select the plan which will be added automatically to the agent's clients. Remember!!! Client plan should be free.

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