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Youtube for InboxAll

Youtube for InboxAll is a network for the InboxAll app which could be useful to save the messages received for your live videos on Youtube. This networks saves the messages, displays the to you and you could create new messages.

The network works only when the InboxAll app is opened in the browser. You could open the InboxAll app in the browser and start as many live videos as you want. If the channels are followed in the InboxAll app, you will see all messages(which aren't yours) in real time.

At each message you will see the message's author, author's avatar, time when the message was received and message's content. Only text messages are supported. You can reply with two clicks. Your messages could have text, links and emojis.

There is a problem with messages response. Them won't be published as reply, but as new message. You could mention the message's author in your messages. I will search more for the possibility to send replies as replies.

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